Monday, 12 July 2021


Matches attended


Goals witnessed


Average goals per game


Highest scoring game

Cheadle Heath Nomads 3 v 7 Goole FC

Ten most seen teams

Denton Town 15

Cheadle Heath Nomads reserves 8

Cheadle Heath Nomads 6

Partington Village 3

Cheadle Town 3

Vulcan FC 3

Denton Town Reserves 3

Newton Athletic 3

Irlam FC 3

Pineapple FC 2

Raffles won

What raffles?

End of season round-up

Well, despite the government being their usual idiotic self, using the masses for a social experiment and generally pushing people around like pawns on a shit-laden chessboard I have cracked on, enjoyed the season and got a good fill of Planet Reality Football.  12 of the 58 games I attended were friendlies which I don't do reports for and these, primarily came courtesy of Denton Town and Cheadle Heath Nomads. Both these clubs have been outstanding this year allowing me to do my bit for the ground and nature and hopefully help the clubs get a little more recognition.  Regular meet-ups at both grounds are had with many friendly faces who it is a pleasure to know. There is a good community spirit to savour and work is coming on nicely in many areas with the forthcoming season set to pay dividends for all the effort put in.  All we need is bugs, blooms, goals and glory.

During our excursions elsewhere, the Liverpool Houses Business League has been visited with Pineapple FC a team to support in future as well as Home Bargains FC (primarily down to the former team's manager and a few decent folks at the latter).  Before that blonde haired bastard at the helm of the country and his adulterous sidekick put a stranglehold on matters I did manage to visit Irlam FC and pay homage to one of the most welcoming clubs in the NWCFL.  A trip to Vulcan FC was memorable for being such a great layout and a jaunt to watch Bolton County at home was very satisfying even though I was still suffering from a recent bout of Covid.

One ground that is now high up on the 'favourites' list is that of Lostock Gralam, a right picturesque place and one that may throw up a few fungal surprises if visited in the right season.  I may just make a booking.

Overall the football has been of a good standard and goals have been plentiful.  Some teams have excelled themselves with respectable discipline, but there is a creeping failure within others due to bad attitudes, too much gobbing off and an unwillingness to get the head down and let the feet do the talking.  As a result, performances have been marred.  

Another gripe I have at this level is the lack of respect for the referee (both on and off the pitch) with one or two incidents leaving a very sour taste.  I think it important we remember, football is a game, has been a blessed distraction and doesn't need unnecessary macho posturing and obnoxious abuse aimed at one guy with a thankless task. 

I must add also that it is quite sad to see people leave the litter behind at grounds (both fans and teams) and to have a complete disrespect for themselves and others.  These clubs are giving us a whole world of affordable entertainment and are run by decent folk trying their best - I would like to think everyone will start to appreciate this a little more after the last 18 months and just be a little more considerate.

Anyway - these are my general thoughts of a season to remember for many different reasons.  The forthcoming campaign may be interrupted again, political piss-arsing, the weather, hey, maybe an alien invasion.  The fact remains though that there will be many folks behind the scenes cracking on and hanging on, just spare them a thought next time you are getting your fix and perhaps consider doing a bit more for your local side.  

And cheers amigos and to all those I have nattered with and shared a brew with - especially my good lady and STP Stu - here's to season 2021/2022.

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